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FCA is all a group where students focus on being Christian leaders on the court, in the classroom, or wherever they are. The FCA huddle enjoys helping others in the community and throughout the world by participating in a number of service projects during the year.

SPARC is a student-led group which focuses on serving the community and student-led devotions and bible study. The volunteer group searches for opportunities in which the student body can participate.

The Variety Show offers students the opportunity to showcase their God-given talents.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Serving People And Representing Christ

Variety Show

Praise Band

Praise Band is all about praising God while spending time with friends. Practice is every Wednesday after chapel. The band plays in chapel about twice a month. This student led group is made up of singers and instrumentalists.

Praise, Blessings & Joy

Choir is a year long course offered two days a week, and each year counts as .5 of a fine arts credit.  In choir students learn to read music, different singing techniques and how to use your gift of music to God's glory. Each year the choir performs in a Christmas Concert, Spring Concert, and a variety of smaller performances.  All are welcome to join!

Band is a year long course offered two days a week, and each year counts as .5 of a fine arts credit.  In band students learn what it really means to play their instrument in concert with others to make music.  Each year the band performs in a Christmas Concert, Spring Concert and a few pep band performances.



Prom Committee is made up of students from the sophomore, junior, and senior class. Prom Committee meets during the school day to plan Prom by selecting a theme, planning decorations for the dance and fundraising for the dance by hosting lunches and school fun nights.

The Yearbook Committee offers students an opportunity to use their gifts and talents in the creation and publication of the school's annual yearbook. Students can write an article for the yearbook, get sponsors, take pictures, or be an editor.

Prom Committee


Student Council is a great way for kids to get involved and develop their leadership abilities in our school. Student council members are elected by the student body. Student Council organizes many events including dances, homecoming, National Lutheran Schools week, charity donations and fundraisers. 

National Honor Society is a group for students who thrive in academics, community service, leadership skills, and character. Juniors and seniors who have a 3.50 or higher GPA are invited go through an application process to be accepted into National Honor Society. Students in NHS participate in a variety of community service projects as a group throughout the year.

Student Council

National Honor Society