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Thank you for your generous support!

Guardian Angel Program

Adopt a student through our Guardian Angel program and support a student with prayer and financial support.

Make It Personal Campaign

There are many people who loaned the school money during the first few years so that the school could get up and running. Those people are waiting for their money and it is time to step up and repay them what is owed. We are very excited to be at this point in our history where we can focus our attention on our annual operating budget and on the campaign to repay our noteholders.  Please join Boldt Construction in supporting WI Valley Lutheran High School. Our debt to the noteholders is about 1.5 million dollars and we know that through the efforts of all of our Valley Family, God will again show us His mighty power and His immeasurable love for His children going out into our world today. Our God is an AWESOME God!
Make It Personal Pledge Card

Make A Donation

Support the general operations of the school, general tuition assistance fund, or capital fund.

Every donation, big or small, makes a difference daily in the lives of teens at Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School!

Our Philosophy

Wisconsin Valley Lutheran maintains a philosophy that every student should be encouraged to grow in their intimate relationship with Christ and have a keen understanding of ways they can use their gifts and talents to serve our king.  Tuition dollars do not fully cover the costs of this quality Christian education.

We do not turn away families who may not be able to fully afford the opportunity of our school and we are determined to raise the necessary funds to help our families financially.

Wisconsin Valley Lutheran counts on contributed support from individuals, like you, and organizations that are committed to our ministry to carry out our mission. 

We hear it so often this time of year in the school setting...FOCUS. It's holiday time, Christmas break is almost here, it's snowing...FOCUS...it's almost the end of the semester, final exams, ACT scores, lesson plans...FOCUS. We hear it so often this time of year in our homes... shopping, finances, road conditions, decorating, taxes, holiday traveling, presents...FOCUS!

At the beginning of the school year, everyone was holding their breath wondering how things would look at The Valley this year, wondering what it would be like...where would our focus be? ALWAYS ON HIM! ALWAYS ON OUR LORD AND SAVIOR WHO CAME INTO THIS WORLD AS A BABY IN A MANGER WITH HIS FOCUS ON US. Can you imagine that God created the colors in the sunsets FOR US, the love of a parent's hug FOR US...FOR EACH ONE OF US? Can you imagine that God the Father sent His Only Son into this world, to be born in a stable, to live in a fallen world, and to die FOR US...FOR EACH ONE OF US? Wrap your head around that for a minute, truly let it sink in...He did it all FOR YOU!

That is why WI Valley continues to move forward and we continue to see change and growth in many areas--because God's focus is constant. God continues to provide for each one of us. He continues to encourage each one of us. He continues to bless each one of us and all He asks in return is that our focus remains on Him and on proclaiming His love and salvation.

Partner with us today !

From the desk of:  Wisconsin Valley Lutheran High School Interim Administrator Jamie Wehrs